Dating Albanian Women: Why You Should Love These Damsels

Albanian women

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Albania is a country with roots in the ancient Thracian and Illyrian cultures. Many visit Albania to experience its glaciers, architecture, rich history, and biodiversity. But if you are a single man, this country holds secrets far more gorgeous than any tourist destination — its women!

The country is home to some of Europe’s finest women who appreciate their culture, religion, and family. This post will detail the key points about dating Albanian women and why you should love these beauties.

What Are Albanian Women Like?

Women of Albania pride themselves on their looks and character. Here is a glimpse of four of their primary attributes:

Albanian women have breathtaking physiques

One can easily spot Albanian ladies from their defined features. These ladies have almond-shaped eyes in different colors — blue, green, gray, and brown. They have olive skin that sparkles in the sunlight and blonde or brown hair. Albanian women also have long, pointed noses and thin lips that tighten when they’re upset.

They are accommodating

If you visit Albania for the first time, you will be surprised by their hospitality. Albanian ladies are welcoming and will spoil you silly with traditional cuisines like Byrek and Speca të Mbushura. They will always act like they’ve seen you before and were just waiting for you to drop in.

These women prioritize their husbands’ friends and loved ones and will do nothing to jeopardize such relationships. They follow a cultural tradition known as Besawhich implores them to be welcoming to strangers.

They enjoy music and singing

Albanian women are outstanding singers, and they love their music. They even boast of famous musicians like Bebe Rexha. Rita Ora, and Dua Lipa who have broken down barriers and made their mark on the global market.

When Albanian ladies sing, they do it like nobody is watching and simply enjoy themselves. Music is an identity, and they pursue it with a passion.

Albanian women are voracious readers

Women in Albania are frequent visitors to libraries and bookstores. You’ll find massive ones like Libraria Adrion at one extreme and street vendors on the other. These women enjoy books of all genres and never miss an opportunity for a good read. Since the ladies read voraciously, they are intelligent and always want to expand their knowledge.

Albanian chicks

Do Albanian Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Albanian women make thrilling spouses. The following points serve to bolster that point:

You can expect fierce devotion when married to them

The Albanian people generally place a high emphasis on promises and faithfulness. These women date because of love, so they idolize their families, making them the center of their universe. No matter how bad it gets, an Albanian lady will never cheat, preferring instead to stick it out through difficult days with her husband.

They marry as virgins

In Albania, virginity is a matter of pride and honor. These women keep themselves chaste, believing their virginity belongs to their husbands. With Albanian women, you can expect a spouse who hasn’t slept around. If that brings you satisfaction, this is a good location for you. Though sexually inexperienced, an Albanian wife will learn the intricacies of lovemaking from older women in preparation for marital life.

Albanian wives are homely

Albanian women are fantastic housekeepers who do not mind cooking and cleaning when that is her duty. These women are homely and join their mothers early to learn how to care for their families. They explore different recipes and can always surprise your taste buds with something new and refreshing. Even if Albanian women work, they still arrange their schedules to have time for their families.

Albanian ladies are open-minded

In Albania, families train girls to tolerate and accept the different views of people. Their tolerance extends to religious differences as there are four major religions in the country — Catholic, Orthodox Christian, Bektashi Islam, and Sunni Islam. Everyone lives side by side despite cultural and religious differences.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Albanian wives want men who are willing to take the lead in their relationships while also understanding and considering their partner’s point of view. These women have been subjected to inequality for much of their lives and would like a fresh and new experience. Even though they are generally submissive and devoted to their husbands, they would like to be seen as more than just baby-making factories.

These women are travelers who enjoy picking up new cultural practices and experiences. They want a man who enjoys exploring, so they can tag along. Even though it seems far-fetched sometimes, they want a man who is willing to lend both mobility and stability to their lives.

meet Albanian women

Where to meet Albanian Women

Even though this nation is relatively small, it has a lot to offer. Albanian women are delightful to meet. They are different from most women you’d find in Europe, so if you need a sneak peek into the best areas to meet Albanian beauties, read on!


Tirana is an exciting location for tourists and locals alike. Nobody can deny its beautiful scenery. It boasts so many antiquities and records of ancient history that it will make your heart skip a beat. To meet women in Albania with a penchant for history, artifacts, and art in general, visit the National History Museum and National Gallery of Art.

When looking to meet Albanian girls passionate about clubbing, music, and dance, Tirana is ideal. Head to Folie Terraceif you are interested in women who love drinking and dancing. Try Checkpoint Charlie Pub for females interested in classic rock and Moscow Club — built in an anti-nuclear bunker — for laser shows, music, and dancing.


Gjirokaster is a stunning and captivating market and settlement in Albania with rich roots and ancestral heritage. Visit the Gjirokaster Castle to view Petro Korca’s prison site and seven incredible towers. There, you can meet a woman who’s interested in old buildings and architecture,

Go to The Old Bazaar to meet women who love artifacts, handcrafted works, and souvenirs. Visiting the Ethnographic Museum will give you access to lovely Albanian women fond of philosophy, history, and old decorations.


Korce is a commercial hub with modest buildings and cobblestone streets. Visit Konak, Pazari i Vjeter’, and Mr. Crepe Fast Food Grill & Coffee. They’re chic restaurants where you can meet women who enjoy traditional cuisines like Kafka and vegetarian sarmica.

For a woman interested in museums, architecture, history, and art, visit the Archaeological Museum in Korca. There, you’ll get your fill of local archaeology while searching for your soulmate.

Where to Meet Albanian Women Online?

People decide to meet women on the internet for different reasons. Some do so because they are shy, while others want to understand the women before making the big step of going to a foreign land. You can meet an Albanian woman through mail-order bride services with straightforward steps.

Mail-order bride services save you time and money. Register online, fill in the details and specifications of what kind of women you prefer and let the algorithm find the women who mirror your requirements. And the platforms are well-regulated to ensure you only meet real girls with verified profiles.

meet Albanian girls

How to Date an Albanian Girl: 5 Tips

Like all females, Albanian girls should be treated with respect and dignity. Since there is no universal handbook to understanding the fairer sex, here are five essential tips on dating Albanian women.

Respect her views

When dating an Albanian woman, make her feel comfortable and loved. There is significant gender inequality in Albania because women are subjected to sexist legislation. Tell her that no matter how bad things get, you will always respect her opinions and views. Seek her wise counsel when making decisions, and she will understand how much you appreciate her words.

Pay attention to your looks

Make an effort to look fashionable, take good care of yourself, look healthy, and visit the salon often when dating Albanian women. An Albanian lady will not be comfortable if you don’t even care for yourself. Instead, she will be disgusted and break off the relationship.

Be sensitive to her feelings

It would be wrong to talk down to your woman or invalidate her feelings. When dating Albanian women, give them your complete attention and respond to her thoughts to assure her that you are listening.

Albanians are naturally talkative and enjoy filling their lovers in on the day’s activities. Entertain your girl’s thoughts and give her your valuable time. Return her show of affection and treat her like a queen.

Be honorable

While the Nazis were attempting to exterminate Jews, many Albanians took these persecuted people in and never gave out their locations. Your girl’s ancestors were serious about keeping promises; they valued their word and that tradition has not changed.

Albanian girls are self-assured and reliable, so they want a man who can always be there for them. When dating Albanian women, maintain an air of confidence and be fiercely devoted to her. Cheating would hurt her terribly, and your lover will feel betrayed if she cannot trust your word.

Do not randomly ask her for casual sex

Albanian ladies are pretty traditional in their sexual beliefs, so they look down on women who sleep around. They believe it’s a husband’s right to take her virginity. Unless you meet a liberal Albanian woman who initiates the sex, do not ask your date for intimacy; she may feel you do not respect her values and traditions.


How do Albanian ladies react to financial roles in relationships?

Women in Albania tend to be strong individuals who work hard to achieve their goals. They are often financially independent and able to provide for their parents. Contrary to popular belief, it is not for financial reasons that Albanian women seek foreign partners. Nearly every woman here wants to start a large, happy family.

How do you win over an Albanian woman?

Albanian women are pretty conservative, and you need to be careful, so you do not overstep your boundaries. First, respect her views, be honorable, hygienic, sensitive to her feelings, and don’t ask her for sex early on. When dating an Albanian girl, please understand that they need time to trust you before opening up.

Do Albanian girls speak English?

Many ladies in Albania speak English; that’s one of the primary reasons they are open to settling down with men from the Western world. They are fast learners and welcome an opportunity to leave their patriarchal families. When dating Albanian girls who do not speak your language, all you need to do is teach her.

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