Paraguayan Beauties: Everything you Need to Know to Date these Girls

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Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America that sometimes gets called an “island on land”. The women of Paraguay are freedom-loving Guarani with Spanish blood. This turbulent mixture creates a real sensation in female beauty, eroticism and energy — an incredible thing to experience.

Once you meet a Paraguayan girl, you’ll never want to part with her. Like powerful sorceresses, they know how to make men fall in love for eternity.

What Are Paraguayan Women Like?

Paraguay is a country of contrasts. Due to the mixture of backgrounds, you can meet both mestizo and European-type women here. They have different appearances, but they share a common culture and a sincere, friendly character. Paraguayan women are mostly easygoing and pleasant to talk to, with unique qualities all around.

They lead a healthy lifestyle

Paraguayan women are avid supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Morning exercise and hard work are normal here. Plus, they are very fond of hiking. Paraguayan women also carefully monitor their skin and hair, using folk methods and modern products alike to stay fresh.

Their beauty is mostly natural — thick makeup and long nails are not common. Thanks to good habits and adequate sleep and nutrition, they look fresh, energetic and young at any age.

Cheerful and spontaneous

Despite difficult living conditions and widespread poverty, Paraguayan women maintain a cheery outlook. They simply do not need a lot — they are happy with ordinary things. By nature, Paraguayan girls are very easygoing, direct, and sincere. A sense of wonder for the world around them helps locals maintain their spirits. Simple things that a European might not notice can be cause for joy all day long.

Hospitable and social

Like all Latin American peoples, Paraguayans treat outsiders with sincerity and respect. And every tourist is a respected guest who is welcomed with open arms.

Part of every Paraguayan woman’s character are such qualities such as kindness, generosity, hospitality, and a willingness to help. Any guest can count on accommodation and food. Anyone would feel at home in a Paraguayan woman’s house.

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Do Paraguayan Women Make Good Wives?

Paraguayan girls and women are family-focused, placing great value on their husbands and kids. The country has a patriarchal bent, so Paraguayan wives focus on the traditional women’s roles in the family — in particular, cooking and raising children.

A Paraguayan wife will try to fulfill this role as best she can while maintaining a good mood. Every day, a Paraguayan wife will hone her skills in preparing various dishes and will go all out for the holidays.

Bedroom pleasures are approached in the same creative way. They are tireless lovers and you won’t get a complaint of a headache every day. We can say that having married a Paraguayan beauty, you will be more than satisfied with your intimate life just as you are with your family life.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Paraguayan society is dominated by patriarchal men. That’s common in South America, so men who stand out by treating women with respect are priceless treasures for Paraguayan brides. They dream of meeting just such a person: kind, sensitive, caring, and attentive.

At the same time, Paraguayan girls dream of a man who has a fulfilling career and strong family values. It is not often that Paraguayan girls meet such a combo among local residents.

Paraguayan beauties dream of a foreign prince who will free them from macho repression and turn her life into a fairy tale where she will be a queen.

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Where to Meet Paraguayan Women in Paraguay?

Paraguayan girls often gather in large groups when they go out. Sometimes they don’t mind meeting someone interesting. Let’s talk about the locations they like to visit.

Asuncion City

The capital of Paraguay is characterized by a bustling, bright 24-hour life. At every step you will come across interesting locations: luxurious colonial estates, old quarters, picturesque embankments. Plus, the city is located along the country’s most important river.

Cafe in Asuncion: El Café de Acá, Juan Valdez Café, Café Kobs

Night clubs in Asuncion: Caribbean Club, New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club, Night Club Boss.

On the banks of rivers and lakes

Although the country has no access to the ocean, Rio Paraguay — one of the continent’s largest rivers — provides more than enough water. It is not only a major attraction of the country, but also serves as a state border. It is also worth paying attention to Ypacarai lake, a popular vacation spot for many locals. Look for new acquaintances there and enjoy a vacation in the bosom of nature.

In botanical gardens and parks

The country compensates for the lack of seaside resorts with the most beautiful parks and forests. They have become not only Meccas for tourists, but also favorite places of recreation for Paraguayan girls. Women often spend their free time there, in groups more often than alone, admiring the wild landscape and resting their soul and body.

Meeting in such a place gives your early moments a lot of charm and romance. If the relationship takes off, you may eventually tell your children about the incredible place where you first met.

Among the most beautiful parks and nature sights in Paraguay are: Ibikui National Park, Jardin Botanico y Zoologico de Asunción, Salto Suizo, Cerro Cora National Park, Parque Aventura Monday

At festivals

Local festivals and carnivals are particularly good places for dating in South America. They are different in each country and are usually timed for public and religious holidays. The people always welcome foreign guests who decide to join the stormy, colorful, and warm event.

The most famous festivals in Paraguay: Dia de San Blas, Carnival, Verbana de San Juan, Trans-Chaco Rally,

Where to Meet Paraguayan Women Online?

You don’t have to fly far away to meet a Paraguayan beauty. You can start by communicating online. For this purpose, there are special sites for meeting women abroad and for mail-order bride arrangementsWith the help of modern technology, you choose a girl you like, get to know her, and plan your next steps.

Later on, you meet in person, either in her country or by inviting her to yours. It is convenient and comfortable and eliminates many of the common communication problems that plague cross-cultural relationships.

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How to Date a Paraguayan Girl: 4 Tips

To ensure that your first dates spark joy, you should consider the difference in cultural communication and be aware of local habits and preferences. So, what should you consider when dating a Paraguayan girl?

Show sincere interest in her

When dating a Paraguayan girl, find as much common ground as possible. Take an interest in her background, ask about her childhood and keep eye contact. Paraguayan girls do not enjoy dates with men who act aloof.

Love care and public displays of feelings

Take an interest in her condition. Is she hungry? Is she cold? Is she tired?

Show care and make it clear even in public that the two of you have a relationship. Hold her hand, hug her. The natural romanticism and sensitivity of Paraguayan girls translates to quite a bit of physicality, which can be jarring for men from certain other cultures.

Take it slow with passion and intimacy

This advice may sound like it contradicts the previous one, but don’t take it lightly. Despite openness and outward looseness, Paraguayan women are quite conservative in the down-and-dirty details. She likely won’t be ready for intimacy on the first or even the second date.

Displays like touches and hugs are normal in public, but not passionate kisses. Even in private, that may take some time. Don’t forget this when dating a Paraguayan girl and don’t force things until she’s ready for more serious contact.

Joint sports activities bring people together

Paraguay is quite a sport-hungry nation. Both women and men often get involved. Popular sports in this country are football (soccer) and basketball. But don’t be afraid to try something else with your Paraguayan girl. Add variety to your date with a Paraguayan woman by going rollerblading, biking, hiking, or even doing something extreme. This will cheer you both up and bring you closer together.


How do I please the parents of a Paraguayan bride?

Even at the early stages of dating a Paraguayan woman, you will get to know her relatives. Usually, it is not so difficult to make a good impression on Paraguayans of the older generation. It is enough to be nice, friendly, and keep the conversation going.

A bouquet of flowers for mom and light alcohol for dad won’t hurt. Praise the food and talk about football with the family. Her relatives are sure to fall for you just like she did.

How do Paraguayan women feel about gifts?

Men often wonder if gifts are appropriate when dating a Paraguayan girl. In the initial stages of dating, you can give her something symbolic. It is better if this gift represents your country or culture. When your relationship becomes serious and when you propose, you can give more expensive gifts.

What methods of raising children does a Paraguayan wife use?

A Paraguayan woman is sure to become a loving and caring mother. Small children take part in all the daily tasks. Their mother will create playful chores which will gradually morph into truly helpful tasks. A Paraguayan mother prepares children from a young age for adult roles.

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