Emirati Women: A Road Trip Into What Dating Them Is Like

Emirati women

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Everyone who finds themselves in the United Arab Emirates has some similar thoughts. The sights are astounding and aesthetically pleasing, if a bit artificial. However, one set of people find their way to the Emirates for something other than vacationing — they go to meet women in the Emirates.

These ladies are impressive and we want you to meet them, too. As such, we have listed what you need to know about them and how to start dating them. Let’s go!

What Are Emirati Women Like

These women are uniquely built, and we are going to look at some of the reasons why men spend thousands of dollars just to go to the Emirates.

They are eye-soothing

Women of the Emirates are ridiculously beautiful. Their golden olive skin gleams like the desert sun, though you’ll only catch short glimpses on the days they decide to show a little skin. Their long back hair may or may not be hidden, but it’s sure to intrigue. Emirati girls are of Arab descent and are soothing to men’s eyes.

They are shrouded in a beautiful mystery

The biggest thing that drives men to desire Emirati women is that they are shrouded in so much mystery. Western men lose their minds trying to solve the puzzle. You cannot understand a woman from the United Arab Emirates in one day; it takes a lifetime of learning, unlearning, and relearning.

They are always covered up

When you meet an Emirati woman, she will almost certainly be covered from head to toe. You will see nothing but her face if she holds close to the traditions. This fashion style gives you something to look forward to when she eventually becomes “yours.”

Emirati chicks

Do Emirati Women Make Good Wives?

Women from the UAE are always high on men’s lists if they’re looking to get married to foreign women. Here are some of the reasons why you can call an Emirati woman a good wife.

They look forward to having a family

An Emirati girl grows up wanting her own big family. Her life in a community that celebrates the end of Ramadan every year makes an impression on her. Kids run around during that time creating a beautiful chaos that she’ll forever want more of. So, if you’re interested in raising a family, meet Emirati women.

They are brilliant hosts

An Emirati woman learns from a young age how to host people at home. The Muslims practice large fasts every year. Eid al-Fitr, the end of the Ramadan fast, is usually marked by a family gathering with fewer than ten people. She learns how to be a good host from those parties, so you can rest assured that she will host your friends and family well.

They are quite religious

About 76% of the people in the Emirates are Muslims. Their religion tells women to be good wives to their husbands. They obey by caring for them, cooking for them, and ensuring the family is alright. If you’re a Muslim, there aren’t many better places to find a wife than in the UAE.

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What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Emirati women are conservative, but they still want their man to respect them and their bodies. They also want a caring, romantic man who will take them places and make them feel good. These ladies often prefer foreign suitors because they want to leave their small country and start a life elsewhere.

How To Date An Emirati Girl: 3 Tips

Dating an Emirati girl is not rocket science, but there are lines you must not cross. Here are some tips to help you in dating an Emirati woman.

Be a good conversationalist

When Emirati girls are growing up, they always have a lot to say, but their religion and culture restrict their opportunities to do so. Dating Emirati girls means you must listen to everything they say and reply with the same enthusiasm.

Offer them gifts

Women in the UAE love fine, shiny things, so they expect gifts from their suitors. Dating Emirati women can thus be financially draining, but it is worth it.

Do not touch them indiscriminately

Touching an Emirati woman before you marry her is viewed as dishonorable and shameful to her and her family. You must respect the boundaries between the both of you until you get married.


Are Emirati women violent?

If you have heard about violence and UAE ladies in the same sentence, someone probably lied to you. Emirati ladies are peaceful, respectful, and maintain a positive demeanor.

Do Emirati women want your money?

While they do not necessarily want your money, they do expect you to take good care of them. Emirati women live in a patriarchal society, so many of them expect the man to cover the home’s finances. But that doesn’t mean they can’t make their own money.

Do Emirati women love sex?

Beneath that long hijab is a woman who is not ashamed to get freaky for the man who takes the hijab off. You can rest assured that your sex life with an Emirati wife will be one for the ages.

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