Dating Cambodian Women: Why Cambodian Women Should Be On Your Radar

Cambodian women

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Cambodia is a wonderful country with beautiful nature reserves, rich history, and fantastic and delightful women. The Cambodians are proud of their heritage and have strong ethnic roots. This trait is heightened in their women, which attracts Western men seeking women of culture.

But even on the physical side, Cambodian women are irrefutably gorgeous. They don’t put their bodies on full display like Western ladies, yet that doesn’t diminish their beauty. If you need more proof, this paper covers the facts about dating Cambodian women and why they should be on your radar.

What Are Cambodian Women Like?

Although Cambodia is famous for its Angkor remains, it still boasts impressive and remarkable women. They are not famous worldwide, so here are a few characteristics to give you a perfect picture of them.

Cambodian women are naturally gorgeous

Cambodian women are actual depictions of women in their natural state because they do not look like artificial dolls. They come in different varieties: dark tanned complexion and fair skin.

Their almond-shaped eyes are more widely set than the average Chinese person’s, which is desirable. They have big, luscious lips with more prominent jawlines than their counterparts in Thailand and Vietnam. Also, their hair texture can be straight, curly, and wavy.

These women are kind

Cambodian girls are naturally well-behaved and do not speak to others disrespectfully. They do not have unkind words in their vocabulary and are always positive. Their kindness extends to strangers, as they would be willing to help you even if they have never met you.

The ladies are reserved

Women of Cambodia are respectful and submissive to their husbands. They care about their reputations and would do nothing to give themselves or their families a bad name.

From an early age, elders teach them how to speak quietly and respectfully to their husbands. They remain virgins for a long time, as they do not go out with random guys or engage in sexual activity before marriage.

Cambodian girls are curious

Cambodian ladies are naturally timid yet rather inquisitive. These women understand that nobody is a wealth of knowledge, so they always want to learn more. If you are a foreigner, worry less about dating a Cambodian girl. They welcome new acquaintances and are constantly eager to expand their network and knowledge.

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Do Cambodian Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, Cambodian women make remarkable wives. Here are a few points to serve as evidence for the claim:

They marry as virgins

In Cambodia, girls who have sex before marriage are often shamed. Their virginity is their pride, and getting deflowered before entering their husband’s home means they have been tainted. They understand that their actions do not just tell on themselves but also on their families. So, a defiled woman will never get a marriage proposal from a decent family.

Family is essential to them

For Cambodian wives, marriage is an alliance between two people and two families. These women go out of their way to do everything they can to maintain a happy home as they cook, clean and care for their children. They value your family as much as theirs and are always willing to lend a helping hand.

These women do not waste time on frivolities and are always in the deal to make their men happy, not for selfish gains. For a Cambodian lady, providing for her family is an essential thing in the world.

Cambodian women are not materialistic

These women are unpretentious and not shallow. They come from humble beginnings and understand the need to spend wisely. When it comes to everyday necessities like food and clothing, a Cambodian wife always finds the best prices because they shop strategically and take advantage of clearance sales and other discounts.

They are intriguing

These beloved ladies are like a mystery box that needs to be unraveled. By nature, these women are intriguing and always have a new trick up their sleeves. Women in Cambodia are always willing to learn and impart knowledge about their cultures and roots.

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What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Cambodian ladies like men who are muscular and fit to defend them and protect their honor. They believe a man should be able to look out for them while caring for their duties as a homely wife.

As said earlier in the “Do Cambodian Women Make Good Wives?” section of this paper, they marry as virgins. These ladies want men who are passionate about them. Since they marry virgins, they would not want a playboy who would defile them and leave them hanging.

Also, the ladies are after financially stable men because many come from impoverished families. Even though women are not materialistic, they still strive to have a financially stable home. They want to access all the things they could not get while single.

Where to Meet Women in Cambodia

If you are a foreigner in Cambodia looking for women to spend time with and settle down, there are many places to check out. To help you narrow your search, here are three places in Cambodia where you can meet delectable females.

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is a city with fine architecture, arts, parties, and good scenery. The Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda are ideal for you if you need a woman who is into architecture. You can search for the woman of your dreams while exploring the palace grounds.

If you want to meet Cambodian girls who appreciate “living art” and dances, visit the Cambodian Living Arts to watch Apsara and Traditional Khmer Dance. The ensemble has real singers and musicians dressed in traditional Khmer garb who perform eight classical dances from various ethnic minority groups around Cambodia.

Krong Siem Reap

Krong Siem Reap is a place of historical significance, religious buildings, and national museums. To meet a Cambodian woman who enjoys history, religion, and culture, visit the Angkor Wat Temple. The temple is massive, making it the largest religious building in the world.

For a feel of girls who enjoy the outdoors, visit the Cambo Beach Club. You can mingle with thrilling women there for unwinding, drinks that rock, dining, sports, and massages.


Kampot is one town known for the excellent quality pepper they export. As part of the pepper, the town boasts stunning historic colonial buildings, parks, scenery, and riverbanks. To meet a Cambodian girl who is generally curious, visit the  La Plantation and Starling Farm for a tour of how these farmers harvest pepper.

To meet a woman who loves her local cuisine, try out the Aroma House or Rikitikitavi. Restaurants in Kampot have this aesthetic view complemented with art, so you are sure to get the woman of your dreams.

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Where to Meet Cambodian Women Online?

Meeting Cambodian girls online before seeing them in person is a great idea. Remember that these ladies are reserved and may get flustered. When you meet a Cambodian lady online, you both can take time to know one another before setting up a date.

To this effect, mail-order bride services have done a lot to help men meet beautiful Cambodian chicks on the internet. All you need do is provide your details, sign up, drop specifications of the kind of Cambodian girl you want, and have the matchmaker do its job.

How to Date a Cambodian Girl: 5 Tips

There is no handbook to dating a Cambodian girl since all women are different. What works for one may not work for another. Nevertheless, the following five essential tips should work, no matter their personalities.

Be strong and confident

When dating Cambodian women, you need to be able to hold conversations and take control of situations, or else she will consider you weak. They do not like men who are shy or lazy. They like muscular, confident guys who know how to take command and control of their personal affairs.

Be financially stable

These damsels believe men should represent the promise of a better life, which is why they like foreign men. Remember that they come from humble beginnings, and it would be unwise to marry into poverty.

It does not mean they are gold-diggers; they just want financial independence and would adore you if you could provide their basic needs and a better standard of living with no hassle.

Respect her

In Cambodia, the men are not as refined as the ladies. Males are likened to precious stones, while females are likened to cotton wool. If a precious stone falls in the dirt, it can be washed clean; if cotton wool falls in the dirt, it should be thrown away.

So, when dating Cambodian women, act pleasantly different from the status quo. When dating a Cambodian woman, know that she will be loyal to you if you treat her with respect and chivalry and be romantic.

Do not ask for sex before marriage

When dating Cambodian girls, remember they treat their virginity as their pride, so they do not get intimate with a man until after marriage. When dating Cambodian women, do not try to caress or kiss them in public because that is uncommon. In a way, dating is a new concept for them so try your best to abstain from getting intimate with them before marriage.

Bring a big dowry

When the dating phase is over, and you are ready to get married to your Cambodian woman, bring a hefty dowry. A considerable dowry also shows the girl’s parents that you appreciate their effort in birthing her and raising her honestly and correctly.


How are Cambodian wives different from others?

They are humble, respectful, and reserved. These girls have first-hand experiences of how damaging poverty can be, so they strive to be frugal with spending. They are not gold diggers and only spend what they need. Dating Cambodian women is a novel experience because they will shower you with love, kindness, care, and respect. They are also virgins and believe in keeping themselves until marriage.

Are Cambodian women okay with dating foreign men?

Yes, Cambodian girls embrace the prospects of dating foreign men. These women take delight in dating foreign men because they believe they can get a better life that way. Cambodia is a developing country, and the women will not miss an excellent opportunity to explore life and see more prominent places.

Do Cambodian ladies speak English?

Yes, Cambodian women speak English fluently. But, some women from rural communities may not speak English daily well. That should not be a problem since these women are fast learners and can even use sign language to help you understand them better. Language cannot be a significant barrier to hamper your relationship with a Cambodian lady.

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