Both Assertive and Submissive: what is Unique about Iraqi Women

Iraqi women

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Iraqi women are hidden from men’s eyes behind thousands of prohibitions. But just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

The beauty of Iraqi women is shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Everyone who gets to know them claims that these are incredibly seductive ladies whose charms — from the first minutes — put men in a trance. Intriguing? Learn even more exciting details about Iraqi women.

What Are Iraqi Women Like?

Many Iraqi women stay hidden from prying eyes. After all, she is a real treasure, endowed with both incredible beauty and impeccable internal qualities. What else interesting can be said about the women of Iraq?

Luxurious beauty

Middle Eastern women are said to be very beautiful. Iraqi girls have pronounced cuteness, expressed in fetching facial features. Dark, deep eyes and slightly tan body color make for an incredible ensemble.

The appearance of Iraqi women creates an impression of high class and luxury. This impression is probably due to the flawless skin they protect from the sun. These hotties also take special care of their hair using recipes known only to them.

Self-confidence and personal opinions

This characterization does not fit the stereotype that Iraqi women are slaves to their husbands. Iraqi women are strong individuals who navigate the world, have their own opinion, and assert themselves in and out of the house.

In average Iraqi families, a woman is respected and protected, and her opinion holds weight. Iraqi women are strong, courageous individuals who can stand up for themselves when needed.

Wise and humble

The above point aside, Iraqi women are considered submissive. They typically obey their husbands in everything. Iraqi women understand when an argument is worthwhile and when to avoid a fight. But their advice very often turns out to be effective, so in ordinary families, an Iraqi woman’s opinion is respected.

Caring and gentle

Iraqi women know how to take care of family members. If you connect your life with an Iraqi beauty, your mornings will be marked by tender and gentle touches. Iraqi women show care in the smallest details; they are soft, kind, and loving. You will feel the warmth and support every moment.

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Do Iraqi Women Make Good Wives?

Eastern women are considered ideal wives. The family is a priority, and the husband’s word is law. Iraqi women are real keepers of the hearth, who take care of their family members and create comfort in the house. For her husband, the Iraqi wife is the embodiment of harmony and feminine energy, which they save exclusively for their beloved.

The husband can expect almost unearthly pleasures that his wife will give him in the bedroom after twilight. Raising children for an Iraqi woman is a sacred duty to which she will dedicate her life. At the same time, she will remain attractive and desirable to her partner.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

What kind of man will an Iraqi woman love? These ladies value qualities in future partners that make them feel confident in his role as master of the family. Most important are reliability, prudence, the rejection of bad habits, and the ability to provide for the family and children. An Iraqi woman expects her husband to want children and be a good father.

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Where to meet Iraqi Women in Iraq?

You may get the impression that it is impossible to meet women in Iraq. Of course, there are strict rules. But in practice, it’s not as complex as you might think. Quite often, men and women in Iraq can talk, get to know each other, and even establish contact.

Muslim countries drive people toward subtle courtship. Big cities are the most convenient in this sense — they are more liberal and there are more people, which makes communication easier.

In Baghdad

The country’s capital is Iraq’s political, economic, and cultural center, and home to more than 7.5 million people. A lovely city with an incredible history, here you will meet women who work in museums, galleries, and service areas. If, for example, you go to a museum, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about art with excellent employees who are knowledgeable about the subject.

Sights in Baghdad: Iraqi National Museum, Monument to Martyrs, Mutanabbi Statue

In Mosul

This is a city in northern Iraq with a population of over 1 million people. The city has a long history, it arose on the west bank of the Tigris River opposite the Assyrian city of Nineveh, which was located on the east bank. Today, the town occupies both banks of the river. It is quite picturesque and interesting.

Sights in Mosul: Museum of the city of Mosul, Bashtabya Castle, Nergal Gate – Nineveh

In Basra

This port city should definitely be on the list of places to meet Iraqi women. It is the second largest and most densely populated city in Iraq after Baghdad. The city is part of the historical region of Sumer; it is considered the birthplace of Sinbad the sailor and one of the possible locations of the biblical Garden of Eden.

Sights in Basra: Shatt-el-Arab, Basra Museum, Basra Familia Park

Where to Meet Iraqi Women Online?

The best way to meet an Iraqi woman is through a dating site. In some ways it may even be the only way. Therefore, if you are inspired by the virtues of Iraqi women and would like to get to know the representatives of this glorious nation better, use internet services and find a way to learn more about the mysterious soul of Iraqi beauty.

These girls demonstrate extraordinary intelligence and a vibrant spiritualism in online correspondence. You will indeed have plenty of topics to talk about and ways to connect with the Iraqi beauty.

meet Iraqi girls

How to Date an Iraqi Girl: 3 Tips

Chances are, your first dates with an Iraqi girl will be online. For live dating and even more so for marriage, you will have to go to the country and ask the permission of her parents. But how do you prove yourself during the initial stages of a romantic relationship with an Iraqi cutie?

Be an interesting interviewer

Iraqi women love intellectual conversations and are ready to talk for hours. Ask an Iraqi girl what she is interested in — cinema, literature, art, politics, etc. Let her express herself, ask questions, and express your own opinion. Get her interested and give her the opportunity to show her knowledge of topics.

Dream together and make plans

Despite a certain restraint when you first meet, you’ll soon learn Iraqi women are very romantic and sensitive. They are pleased when a man shows his love and admiration for a woman. But they also want their man to be ready for a serious relationship.

Iraqi women regard your interest in joint trips, holidays, and family as positive signs. By planning a future together — even hypothetical one — you will surely be on the right track.

Be interested in her country, but do not criticize

Iraqi women love their country and will be happy to answer your questions about its history, culture, climate, and more. But it does you no favors to criticize the imperfections of Islamic society regarding the gender inequality of women. It may offend her because she loves her country and appreciates and respects traditions and order. Respect them and your Iraqi girlfriend will respect you.


What strange rules of etiquette exist in Iraq?

In Iraq, it is customary to stand up when a woman enters the room, especially with children. It is also very rude to show the bottom of your shoe to another person — this is considered an insult. As such, you shouldn’t prop your feet up or cross your legs with the foot up high.

What is rude in Iraq?

In Iraq, you can’t joke about rude or obscene topics — the country’s conservative society does not support this. Don’t take photos on the street without permission, especially of women. There are many other taboos too, such as criticizing Islam or Islamic regulations against alcohol, pork, left-handedness, and the separation of sexes.

Is dating culture allowed in Iraq?

Officially, a woman cannot be with a man if he is not a member of her family. Therefore, it is almost impossible to meet an Iraqi woman in Iraq. Some young girls rebel and start relationships the way Westerners do, but in society, such women are considered low and are not respected.

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