Stunning Slovenian Women:  A Guide to their unique attributes

Slovenian women

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It is magical how Slovenian women capture the attention of men wherever they go. These women possess a charm that makes it impossible to keep your eyes off them when they walk past you. Beautiful Slovenian women have the appearance, style, and character that make them outstanding and popular.

Those who have encountered these women would agree that they possess all the qualities of a perfect partner. So, if you dream of dating Slovenian women, you’ve come to the right place. Below are the most common features you will notice when you meet Slovenian women.

What Are Slovenian Women Like?

Several qualities define Slovenian girls. Most have similar characteristics in terms of appearance and behavior. Below are the most prominent ones that define women in Slovenia.


Slovenian ladies are hot enough to make even married men reconsider their life choices. Most are tall and slim, with wide hips, thin waists, and flat tummies that look conventionally gorgeous. You’ll notice they are primarily fair or pale-skinned with blonde, dark brown, or black hair.

Interested in sex

Social research in Slovenia highlighted the average Slovenian’s love for sex, with half of secondary school students already engaging in it. These people don’t attach too many moral hangups to sex; they see it as an excellent form of recreation. So tourists looking to get laid without strings attached often get lucky in the country.

Intelligent and assertive

Slovenian society places a strong emphasis on gender equality. Hence, women from Slovenia are used to speaking up for their rights and the rights of others. Their assertive traits should not be mistaken for disrespect or stubbornness — women from Slovenia are the definition of calm and collected.


Ever wondered why so many models are of Slovenian origin? It’s because of how well these ladies dress and carry themselves. The Women of Slovenia look classy whenever they step out, remaining conscious of their bodies and fashion decisions. If you are a suave man looking for a lady to match your energy, go for a Slovenian woman.

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Do Slovenian Women Make Good Wives?

A man who marries a Slovenian wife should undoubtedly consider himself lucky. These women possess all the qualities that make for an ideal wife.

They are experts in preparing delicious meals

It is refreshing to return home to the aroma of delicious food in the kitchen; this is what you get from a Slovenian wife. In their quest to please their partners, they practice making different meals. Marrying a Slovenian wife will excite not only your eyes, but also your taste buds.

They keep the home happy

Ever wondered why Slovenia has such a low crime rate? It is, in part, because of how Slovenian wives manage their homes. They know the best way to nurture their kids. Irrespective of their busy schedules, they support their husbands and maintain joy in their homes, reducing the chances their husbands will go rogue.

They don’t shy away from domestic duties

Aside from offering the best care to their kids and partners, Slovenian wives keep the house clean and comfortable. They take pride in keeping a sparkling and inviting house. Even if they are too busy, it isn’t uncommon to see a Slovenian wife hire help to keep her home neat.

They offer care and support to their husbands

Slovenian women are highly supportive of their partners no matter the situation. Through the bad and good times, your Slovenian woman will do anything she can to help you. The intelligence of these women makes them more valuable to their husbands. Since they are smart, they will give you the best advice to help you escape difficult situations or make critical decisions.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

There are specific attributes that Slovenian women want from their men, starting with respect. Slovenian women are used to being viewed as men’s equals, so they do not tolerate disrespect. When dating Slovenian women, don’t show any misogynistic tendencies.

Successfully dating Slovenian women is not about your financial status. By and large, they do not care what you earn. However, they do want their man to have a vision. Since Slovenian women are hardworking, they avoid lazy men.

There are certain qualities that ladies from Slovenia are known for. These ladies are intelligent and dynamic. Therefore, they expect their partners to have the same attributes. Dating Slovenian women is only possible if you are smart and reasonable. 

meet Slovenian women

Where to meet Slovenian Women in Slovenia

You can meet Slovenian girls in beautiful cities by walking or cycling in the street. Below are some cities where you can meet Slovenian women.


Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia, known for its beauty and pretty damsels. When you are in this city, make sure you explore and enjoy its beautiful activities and vibrancy. Here are a few places you should visit.

Night Clubs

In Ljubljana, you can visit various night spots to have an excellent time and meet Slovenian women. Below are some of the Slovenian night spots you absolutely must not miss.

  • Hard Core Club
  • Pure Nightclub
  • Klub K4
  • Cirkus Klub

Skofja Loka

Skofja Loka is a top city in Slovenia, near Ljubljana. The city is beautiful and relatively quiet, making it a fantastic place for tourists. When you are in Skofja, here are places you should visit:


The Museums in Skofja Loka are among the most visited in the world. Beautiful Slovenian ladies are no short supply in these museums. While in Skofja Loka, check out these museums to get a feel for the beautiful artwork and historical elements and meet pretty women. Below are some of these museums.

  • Groharjeva hiša v Sorici
  • Nacetova Hiša
  • Loški muzej Škofja


Nightlife in Škofja is exhilarating. Meeting Slovenian girls in Škofja is more straightforward in these night spots. You can stop by any of them to have an exciting time and increase your chances with Slovenian women.

  • Grajska kavarna Škofja Loka
  • Bar Lunca
  • Dnevni bar “Francon” Jenko Jurij s.p


This city of Kranj is also close to Ljubljana. The city is the fourth-largest city in Slovenia, so there are many places you can visit.


Malls in Kranj are perfect spots for men interested in dating Slovenian women. The ladies spend time there shopping and chatting and are often relaxed. Try visiting the following malls when you visit Kranj.

  • Qlandia
  • Supernova Kranj
  • Stop Shop Kranj


When you visit the Restaurants in Kranj, you’re almost certain to see a hottie who catches your attention. Below are a few restaurants where you can begin your search for the Slovenian girl of your dreams.

  • Das Ist Walter
  • Restavracija Stara Pravda
  • Gostilna Pr.Matičku
meet Slovenian girls

Where to Meet Slovenian Women Online?

The best option for dating a Slovenian girl is online. Mail order bride services offer you a safer and faster way of meeting the girl of your dreams. Mail order bride sites list thousands of girls who want to meet and date foreign men.

The reason so many Slovenian girls use mail order bride services is their flexibility and privacy. Rather than talking to random men on the street, they chat online at their convenience.

Dating Slovenian girls through mail-order bride services is simple. Find a good match and start chatting! Considering the cost of traveling to and from Slovenia, mail order bride services are much more wallet-friendly. Apart from the cost, their online platforms also offer safety and variety.

How to Date a Slovenian Girl: 4 Tips

Dating a Slovenian woman is not much different from dating women from other parts of the world. It is common knowledge that women crave attention and can get mad when they don’t get it from their partners. But here are a few other qualities required to date a Slovenian girl.

Be attentive to her needs

When dating a Slovenian woman, you must be attentive to her needs and desires. These needs may be material or emotional; you must be observant enough to see them. It is common for a Slovenian woman to show you signs rather than telling you outright.

Whenever you are free, call or text your Slovenian beauty. You can do it multiple times daily — she’ll love it.  Also, be observant and recognize when she needs something.

Show her off

A Slovenian lady will not like staying indoors with you all the time. There is no better way of showing your Slovenian girl that she is special than by introducing her to your friends and family.

Slovenian girls do not care about the pricing of the restaurants they visit; they simply want to feel special. You don’t need to take her to the most expensive restaurants, malls, or clubs. So, spice up your relationship life by taking your girl to new places for a drink or meal.

Assist her with house chores

Slovenian ladies are used to having equal rights to men, with their country ranking 11th in the European Union gender equality index. Don’t go into a relationship with a Slovenian girl expecting her to slide neatly into outdated gender roles. Instead, offer to share household duties and responsibilities. Proving yourself handy around the house after you meet a Slovenian woman will impress her.

Give thoughtful gifts 

Spice up your relationship with your Slovenian girl by surprising her with gifts, especially on special days like her birthday. These women do not focus on the cost of gifts and would discourage you from spending too much. However, giving them a little something shows them that you love and cherish them.


Are Slovenian ladies ready to move abroad with their foreign men?

Women from Slovenia are typically willing to move abroad to start a new life with their foreign lovers. Moving to your country will not be a problem if they trust you. Before they agree to date you, though, you must possess the qualities they require from their men.

Are Slovenian girls cheap?

The notion that you can woo Slovenian girls easily is entirely false. Irrespective of your origin, you must possess the right attitude before they agree to date you. Also, these women do not care about a man’s finances as much as how he acts.

Do Slovenian ladies speak English?

Slovenian schools teach English and German to their students. Therefore, most Slovenian girls speak English fluently. You can rest assured that language will not be a barrier when dating Slovenian women.

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