Egyptian Women: Why They Make Excellent Brides For Western Men

Egyptian women

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The best things about Egypt are not the magnificent pyramids, the endless deserts, or the long-standing architecture. The most beautiful sights in that North African country are the Egyptian women. These Nubian goddesses are the center of attraction for foreign men who sojourn the deserts of Egypt in search of the country’s beauty.

If you are currently reading this piece, it means these Egyptian women have caught your eyes, and you need to know how to date one. Read on to find out all you need to know about dating and marrying Egyptian women.

What Are Egyptian Women Like?

On average, Egyptian women are not your usual kind of ladies; they have specific things about them which make them irresistible. Here are their characteristics.

They are alluring

If you stare at an Egyptian girl for a long time, you will be lost in her beauty. Egyptian women have such soulful eyes that pull you in with every stare. They replicate the medusa effect in non-literal terms by simply smiling at you. Their skin tone rests lightly between caramel and pale white, giving them a golden look. An Egyptian woman learns to take care of her skin from a young age, so you will notice the glow on that skin when you meet her.

They are family-oriented

The culture of Egypt requires ladies to stay at their parents’ homes until their husbands come for them. As a result, they have a close-knit relationship with their families and spend a lot of time with them. You rarely find an Egyptian woman alone; she is always in the company of her family members, especially her brothers.

They possess intense feminine energy.

Even though they do not know how to relate to men outside their family, they have intense energy. All that time they spend with themselves, they develop their feminine strengths, thus learning how to weaken men when they meet them. When you first meet an Egyptian lady, she is shy at first, but as soon as she gets over that initial shyness, you will meet intense energy from her. Many foreign men find this level of self-awareness sexy.

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Do Egyptian Women Make Good Wives?

Don’t worry about making a costly mistake by marrying an Egyptian lady. These Egyptian women are excellent wives for many reasons, and here are some of them.

They are fierce lovers

Once an Egyptian wife gets past the first stage of knowing and understanding you, you are in for a good love ride. Egyptian wives love with their hearts, souls, and bodies; they will give themselves to you, holding absolutely nothing back. They love fiercely and passionately and will do anything for you as long as you ask.

They practically worship their husbands

After Allah, the subsequent most significant male figure for an Egyptian woman is her husband. As soon as she is married, she focuses her entirety on him and worships the very ground he walks on. Your Egyptian wife would not question your authority or try to usurp your power; you are her lord.

They are intriguing to be around

There are so many beautiful aspects of Egypt that you cannot consume in your lifetime, either from books or documentaries. However, marrying an Egyptian woman can ensure that you at least learn as much as possible.

As they grow up, Egyptian girls learn a lot about their culture and mythologies, which are exciting practices. They replicate some of these practices when they get married and are open to discussing more. There is never a dull moment with an Egyptian lady.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

If you are a man who is kind, caring, handsome, and can afford to buy them gifts, Egyptian women will love you. They also want a man who is interested in having conversations with them. They love to share their knowledge, which is why their local men who already have the same experiences they do bore them.

Some of the best Egyptian women come from average families that are not so rich. So, even though they do not have a taste for costly gifts, they do not mind getting a taste of luxury. These girls want to leave the country and see the world and learn about new cultures, so they are interested in the men who come to take them out of Egypt.

More importantly, women in Egypt love and want to date US men because they have heard that US men are good-looking and love to take care of their women. They want to experience the adventure that comes from being the wife of an American.

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Where to Meet Egyptian Women In Egypt

The answer is everywhere if you were wondering where to meet Egyptian girls in their country. However, it is not everywhere you meet an Egyptian woman that you can talk to her. Egyptian men are not the friendliest when they see foreign men around their women in places they regard as conspicuous.

So, here are a few places where you can meet and have fruitful conversations with an Egyptian woman:

Tourist attractions in Egypt

You are not the only one who loves the tourist sites in Egypt; the country people love it too. They go to these sites to take in the country’s beauty and watch as foreigners seeing it for the first time shriek in excitement. Many Egyptian women look forward to meeting foreign men at these tourist sites. There are so many of these places, so here are some of them.

Luxor: The Temple of Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Medinet Habu

Cairo: The Egyptian Museum, Al-Azhar Mosque, The great pyramids, The Great Sphinx.

Aswan: The unfinished Obelisk, The Nubian museum, Elephantine

Beaches in Egypt

The Beaches are often filled with people wanting the cool of the sea to hit them after a very long hot day because of the climate. If you go down to the beaches in the evening, you will find many Egyptian women around the beach. There are a few great beaches in different cities in Egypt, and here are some of them.

Aswan: Nilo Beach, Nubian Beach,

Dahab: Abu Galium.

El Gouna: El Gouna

South Sinai: Ras Um Sid, Ras Shitan, Sharks bay

Markets in Egypt

Like the other sites we mentioned, you can meet Egyptian women in their numbers in the markets. They are always cooking and shopping for the family, so the market is their regular spot. If you go to the markets, you will find some gorgeous Egyptian ladies for yourself. Here are some of the markets.

Cairo: Khan El Khalili, Souq El Gom’aa, Wekalet El Balah, Muhammad Ali Street.

Aswan: Aswan Old Souks, Aswan Market, Sharia El Souk

Luxor: Lotus Bazar, Luxor market, Souq At Talaat, Caravanserai, Fair Trade Center.

Where to Meet Egyptian Women Online

The local women of Egypt, who will make great wives, rarely ever go out alone. Women often spend time at home, and when they go out, they go out with their brothers or male relatives as guardians. The circumstances suggest you need another method to date an Egyptian woman — the mail order brides system.

If you try to find a wife in Egypt, you may encounter women who are not interested in marriage and, in some cases, already married women. However, on a mail order bride platform, you already know, by default, that the women on the list are single and ready to get married. You can also talk to more than one woman at the same time to determine which one is right for you.

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How to Date an Egyptian Woman: 5 Tips

Before you embark on the journey to date an Egyptian woman, know that she is different and that you have to do past the bare minimum. Here are a few tips that can help you:

Show interest in the things they like to talk about

Remember we said they like to have conversations and share their knowledge; you must learn to indulge them and listen to them. Do not make them feel like they are not making sense.

Don’t be too forward with your request.

Meeting an Egyptian woman today and immediately wanting to date her is a red flag. That action will send off a series of loud alarms in her head, and when that happens, she will pull away. Go slow, and be deliberately tentative with your moves. Get her comfortable, then throw in your request. This tip does not apply if you use the mail-order brides’ services.

Don’t immediately drop sex into the conversation.

Dating Egyptian women requires patience. If you drop sex so unabashedly mid-conversation with them, the conversation will die a natural death, which is expected. They are very religious and deeply cultural, which means that sex is an unclean topic when the two people involved are not married. So unless you both have gotten to the marriage part of the conversation, restrain yourself from bringing it up.

Make her siblings and relatives warm up to you

When considering dating Egyptian girls, you must always ask about their loved ones and show an interest in their roots. Remember, we said earlier that Egyptian women spend time with their family, so they love them. When you buy or send gifts to them to profess your love and show your interest, you have to send some to their families too.

Don’t touch Egyptian ladies carelessly

It may be hard to keep your hands to yourself when you are in the presence of these Nubian goddesses, but you must try. Unless you are married to them, you do not have the liberty to touch them as you wish. You must restrain yourself.


Are Egyptian women good in bed?

Egyptian women do not have much experience with sex because of their culture. However, when they meet you, you can teach them and make them as good as you are. Their goodness in bed is very dependent on their partners.

Do Egyptian women want to leave Egypt?

While Egypt is a very prosperous nation by 3rd world standards, the women often want to see the world and learn new things. They also want out of the restrictive Egypt culture. The easiest way for them to get this experience is by getting married to foreign men.

Can Egyptian women speak English?

Egyptian women speak Egyptian Arabic, but they cannot speak English. Most of the women who can speak English are those who are well-read and traveled. The wives you will get off the mail order bride site, you will have to teach them the English language.

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