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Serbia is attractive due to its weather, natural and architectural views, tasty meals, and hospitable Serbian women.

The expressive character and hot sexuality of local females are well known. With their typical outer traits of the Caucasian race and deep inner world with western values, Serbian girls tempt foreign grooms.

Check tips on how to win the hearts of remarkable Balkan beauties for your life and love.    

What Are Serbian Women Like?

Serbian women inherited the features of their multicultural predecessors: Slavic beauty, western intellect, and Asian sexuality.

Hot sexy look

These women deserve admiration and know how to be desired. Slim bodies, long, strong legs, delicate waists, and curvy hips of luscious Serbian girls attract the glances of single foreigners in the streets.

Lovely Balkan females dress smartly, demonstrating their excellent style. The outfits of Serbian women are always bright and attractive while shopping, attending hilarious clubs, visiting opera or ballet, or just strolling on the street.  

Sagacious and intelligent

Wise Serbian women are highly socialized by being excellently educated and having innate insight. Knowing how to communicate with everybody, Serbian ladies develop their skills from an early age.

Serbian girls have ideal manners and behave accordingly. You will feel at ease mingling with them.

Reliable, brave character

Challenging conditions in their native country and recent wars affected the characters of Serbian women, making them able to resist difficulties and never surrender. They withstand poverty and hunger, being thankful for any help.  

Good physical state

Trained bodies are a remarkable feature of Serbian women. They maintain their excellent physical condition until their mature ages.

Thus, mesmerizing Serbian girls are vigorous and enthusiastic. Having a wide range of interests, they cope with everything. They combine their jobs, families, intimate life and love, and active social contacts.

Do Serbian Women Make Good Wives?

Having decided to marry a hot Serbian girl, you will pay attention to her amiability and homemaker skills. These outstanding women are equally cute in managing houses, supporting their spouses, and raising their kids.

  • She is kindhearted and supportive. It is lovely to have an opportunity to discuss your challenges with your second half. Delightful Serbian girls treat any troubles of their close people with compassion and mercy. They are excellent counselors and provide sound advice.
  • She is caring and housewifely. All Serbian wives are efficient whether they study, are engaged at work, or have a hobby. They always find the time to keep houses tidy, doing their home routine in no time. Supporting their husbands in everything, Serbian wives are also caring moms. Local girls are attentive to their children’s activities.
  • She is hot and expressive. Serbian girls are keen on justice but prefer to discuss everything between the two of you. Although, these ladies do not keep silent if they do not like something. Being in love with a man can give him many sweet moments, as their expressiveness is unbounded. They always have something new to show you in bed.

What Kind of Men Do Serbian Women Like?

Serbian women willingly date men from other countries. They have no prejudice regarding males’ race or nationality. However, winning their hearts is not easy.

Composure and reliability

Keeping self-control is a vital feature in the eyes of Serbian women when it comes to close relations with men. This trait is the reliable basis for future connections. 

On the other hand, Serbia used to face the troubles of military actions. Thus, a man’s ability to overcome hardships is essential in the eyes of Serbian girls.

Intelligence and a quick mind

Being well versed, lovely Serbian women value wit in men they date. Local females like to mingle with partners who can support conversations on many topics and tell something new or funny.

A sense of humor is essential to keep Serbian girls interested.  

Respectfulness and good manners

Serbian families adhere to national customs, maintaining traditional gender roles and trusting relationships. You are sure to be introduced to older relatives of your Serbian girl after making sure that your feelings are reciprocal.

Treat your Serbian in-laws with exceptional courtesy. Make a good impression on the parents from the first visit taking out all your manners for this.

Where to Meet Serbian Women in Serbia

Serbia offers plenty of tourist destinations. Searching for your beloved in this country, you will not be disappointed. We spotted the best localities for hunting Serbian girls and enjoying local attractions.


Housing more than 1.7 million people, Belgrade is not only the country’s capital but also the third-biggest municipality on the banks of the Danube river.

Marvelous Serbian women look for their destiny, work, study, and travel here. Thus, your romantic encounter with a lovely beauty is more than possible. 

Take advantage of your trip to gain new impressions, meet a Serbian woman and uncover the best places to visit in her city:

  • the ancient Belgrade Fortress,
  • the Avala Tower,
  • the Church of Saint Sava,
  • the New Palace.

Serbian girls follow fashion trends and dress fancy. Thus, busy city malls and places for shopping are also suitable for meeting local females: 

  • Ada Mall,
  • Use,
  • Rajićeva Shopping Center.

City tours, concert halls, and museums are excellent places to encounter a gorgeous Serbian woman: 

  • The National Museum of Serbia,
  • Crveni Park,
  • Student Park,
  • the University of Belgrade.

Nightlife in Belgrade is vivid and hilarious. You may opt for thematic night parties of local traditional music or dating at nightclubs and discos, which is typical for people here:

  • The Student Cultural Center,
  • Belgrade Night Life Club,
  • Hype Club.

Do not omit traditional food and drinks in restaurants or local “kafanas.” The “Znak pitanja” is one of the oldest, and many nice Serbian girls having a drop of wine after work will make perfect company for you.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is another big city in Serbia located on the Danube river. Apart from numerous attractive landscapes, it has a lovely view of the mountain slopes of Fruška Gora. The oldest national park is perfect for a tour with a nice Serbian girl, alongside Petrovaradin Clock Tower and Bishop Palace. Your hospitable guide will show you the beauty of her country.

Highly advisable spots to meet a Serbian woman are numerous cafes, shopping centers, and parks in the city:

  • Shopping malls Promenada,
  • The Gallery of Matica Srpska,
  • Danube Park.  

For those who prefer active evening and night leisure Novi Sad has multiple places to offer:

  • Amor nightclub,
  • Garnis,
  • Project 72 Wine&Deli,
  • Camelot restaurants.


The city is not very big but has a rich history. As a vivid financial, educational, and business center, it attracts many students, office workers, and Serbian girls with good backgrounds and high ambitions.

Take a romantic tour with your lovely companion to one of the green parks:

  • St. Sava Park,
  • Seventh Of July Park.

Ask her about other localities worth seeing: 

  • Niceville Jazz Museum,
  • Čegar,
  • Mediana,
  • Orthodox Church of Holy Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena,
  • Islam-aga’s Mosque.

Delightful evenings and nightlife provide an excellent opportunity to meet Serbian girls, single local students and have a good time here:

  • Stanica Nis Club,
  • Sunset,
  • Feedback clubs.

Quieter restaurants offer unique dishes of Balkan food to try in the company of lovely Serbian women: 

  • Mrak,
  • Pleasure Club,
  • Stambolijski.

Where to Meet Serbian Women Online?

Before you head to Serbia for romance, think about the difficulties you may face.

  1. Not all Serbian women you encounter are single or about to get married.
  2. Some girls may appear not decent or have good reputations.
  3. You may experience defraud.
  4. The trip may appear too expensive or tiresome.

You have a unique opportunity to stay comfily at home and chat with a perfect Serbian woman who will soon become your love and destiny. The Internet is another method of searching for an excellent Serbian lady for marriage.

Numerous specialized websites and matrimonial services offer great databases of local females. Browse several dating websites to make sure they are trusted.

Here are the tips to ensure the best choice of dating portals:

  1. Positive references of real users.
  2. Developed functionality of websites for dating Serbian women: verified profiles of Serbian girls, availability of additional information about ladies, extended filters.
  3. Communication tools: video, audio calls, texting, winking.  
  4. Additional services, assistance, translation, and opportunities to send gifts or present cards.

How to Date a Serbian Girl: 5 Tips

Dating Serbian women requires effort though they are not too strict with men. Read the tips below to succeed when coming to Serbia.

  1. Act with confidence. Remember the traditionalism of Serbian women. They are accustomed to strong and self-assured men around them. You will surely win the competition even among others being exclusive.
  2. Creativity is vital. Your age doesn’t matter if you are young in your thoughts and actions. Sailing a boat, hiking on mountain slopes, and visiting a rock concert are not only engaging but also demonstrate your romantic feelings and concern for your Serbian woman. 
  3. Make sure to find common hobbies or mutual likings with your Serbian woman. Listen attentively and display sheer interest. It will help in your mingling and establishing trusting relations.
  4. Do not overdo it with the demonstration of your status and prosperity. Serbian girls value people for their inner world and mind. Your tidy casual style and simple romantic dinners will be enough to impress a girl if you find engaging topics for discussion. 
  5. Respect and faithfulness in your relations will bring you success. Treat your Serbian girl with chivalry. Tell her how unique she is, and pay compliments. Do not flatter as these lovely ladies feel insincerity instinctively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I date a Serbian girl to propose?

There are no strict rules on how long it should take to proceed to nuptials when dating a Serbian woman. Usually, it takes 2-6 months to ensure you are a couple.

Your journeys, hobbies, and rendezvous allow you to spend as much time together as possible. However, hesitating too long to make the final decision, your Serbian lady may think your feelings are not strong.

At what age do Serbian ladies typically get married?

Education and profession are essential for Serbian girls. However, after graduating from universities, and technical colleges or getting a job, local females dream of tying the knot.

Usually, by 25-27, local females create families giving birth to their kids by 30.

What is traditional Serbian food?

Local cuisine is incredibly delicious and popular among the meticulous gourmets, and Serbian women are skilled cooks. 

Kajmak is not only a separate dish but also a brand of Serbian cuisine, a subject for conversation and the sincere pride of local people. A dairy product resembling clotted cream, kajmak has a strong cheese taste and is offered as a separate dish or as an appetizer. 

Cevapi or Cevapcici is another dream of the connoisseur. Minced meat supplied with original Serbian spices is grilled and served on a piece of flatbread (lepinja). Cevapi filled with kajmak, and sliced onion provides an excellent experience of the national food, and your Serbian girl will treat you to it.

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