Saudi Arabian Women: What To Expect When Dating Them

Saudi Arabian women

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While the Middle East is not a travel favorite, it does house some of the most beautiful women in Saudi Arabia. Foreign men have, over time, found Saudi Arabian women attractive and have sought to enter relationships with them. If you are among those men, this article will tell you everything you need to know about these girls.

What are Saudi Arabian Women Like?

Saudi Arabian ladies have features and characteristics which make them different from other women, and here are some of them.

These girls have distinctively pretty facial features

Saudi ladies are some of the most aesthetically pleasing women in the world. They have long black, often wavy hair, which falls lusciously on their backs. Their eyes are round and big and fit their oval faces perfectly. They do not have the perfect nose that a doctor would give, but it compliments their faces perfectly, resting above their full lips.

Saudi women are sexy

Hidden beneath that long abaya is a lithe body, covered by a very light caramel skin, smoothened to perfection. Saudi Arabian girls have slender waists, accentuating their small hips and butts, giving them a sexy slim look.

Many Saudi girls are quiet

A Saudi Arabian girl grows up learning to talk when someone speaks to her. As a result, they are often quiet and are often found surveying their surroundings rather than actively involved. They are not big on conversations and can sincerely do without them.

They aren’t too welcoming of strangers

These girls spend so much time in the house with the people they know as family. So when they are around strangers, they are not the liveliest people. They would not go out unless an essential social gathering required their presence, and even then, they would often keep to themselves.

The average Saudi girl is kind

Women in this Middle Eastern country learn the importance of empathy and compassion from their tender years. Their religion teaches them kindness to everyone, especially the poor. So they carry this kindness to their close family members and strangers. Although they don’t always get the same treatment in return from the foreign community, it doesn’t stop the ladies from staying true to their humane natures.

Saudi Arabian chicks

Do Saudi Arabian Women Make Good Wives?

For many reasons, Saudi women are good wives, mostly tied to their conservative culture and religion. These traits make them ideal wife targets for Eastern and Western men. A breakdown of the characteristics of these brides looks thus:

They are homely

The parents groom these Eastern ladies to raise a family from when they are young. A Saudi Arabian wife in a household understands that her job is to take care of the home, so she learns it from girlhood. She will take care of the home whether you are around or not.

They are faithful

Saudi Arabian women grow up believing that the only men worthy of their love, bodies, and attention are the men they married. So, for as long as a girl from that country stays married to you, you will be her only focus. She will take an interest in your affairs like they are theirs, and they will always stand beside you. Foreign men worry about marrying women who flee in hard times; thankfully, Saudi ladies are not like that.

They can cook

Every celebration season, the women in a Saudi home cook for the entire family, which can be quite a number. The girls learn how to cook from when they begin to attain puberty; no wonder Asma Tabaaji became famous in the cooking world. Marrying her countrywomen guarantees you can always come home to freshly made meals.

They are welcoming

If you often have guests, you do not need to worry about Saudi Arabian wives not knowing what to do. The girls grow up watching their parents receive, feed, and take care of guests, so they learn to do the same.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Women of Saudi Arabia are not different from other women regarding the kind of men they like. They like romantic men, emotionally and physically available men, and men who can provide for them. Many Saudi girls do not work, so they want a man who can care for them financially and otherwise. Whether you are an average income earner, or a rich man, as long as you can provide their basics and some luxury now and then, you are their kind of man.

The women are attracted to men from the US because they are handsome and look like they can care for their wives. The country’s culture holds women back, justifying why the local women want men who will save them. They do not want men who treat them like they have been treated at home. They want men who will let them experience some level of freedom.

Where To Meet Saudi Arabian Women

Meeting Saudi Arabian women in the country is not the easiest thing to do. Despite being a contemporary progressive society, laws still restrict women from male companies in public. However, there are specific places where you can find different women and make your choice.

Amusement parks

Saudi Arabia has different amusement parks where you can meet girls. These parks allow light-hearted conversations without scrutiny. So, if you are going to the parks to meet a Saudi Arabian woman, you must trust your conversation skills to carry you through. On that note, here are some amusement parks for you to explore.

Dammam: Adventure world, Sky Zone, Faby Land, King Fahd Park

Riyadh: Durat Al Sahel Water Theme Park, Alkhaimah Theme Park, Star City, Al Hoikar Land

Jeddah: Al Shallal Theme Park, Jungle Land, Atallah Happyland Park.

Street Markets

Almost everyone goes to the flea/ street markets, especially the girls running errands for their families. If you visit the markets under the guise of getting a souvenir or two, you may run into a Saudi Arabian woman that you might like. The different street markets to head to include:

Riyadh: Haraj Ibn Quasim, Souk Al Zal, Taibah Markets

Dammam: Dammam Traditional market, Souk Mekkah, Love Market

Jeddah: Gabel street souq, Al jawhara Market.


The beaches are yet another place where you can meet Saudi Arabian girls. They often go there to enjoy the breeze and cool off from the sweltering heat. Here are some of the beaches in some of the cities.

Jeddah: Jeddah Corniche, Jeddah Beach, Obhur Beach

Dammam: Dea View Beach, Public beach, Almohammadi beach

There are no beaches in Riyadh, but there are beaches in Al Jubail, Umluj, and Uqair, and you can meet Saudi females there.

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Where to Meet Saudi Arabian Girls Online

Saudi Arabia is in the Middle East, and while its people are progressive, they are still very religious. So, traveling to the country to find a wife might not be the best option. Mail-order brides’ services are your best bet at finding beautiful Saudi girls to make your wife.

Just communicate with them online, send gifts to woo them, and then pay for their flight ticket to meet you. The process is more straightforward than flying to Asia, which isn’t the safest continent. And since you can meet a Saudi Arabian woman ready for marriage online faster and cheaper, why not take the option?.

How to Date a Saudi Arabian Girl: 4 Tips

Because of the conservative culture of the Saudi people, their dating and romantic lives have a cloak of mystery above it. Thankfully, articles like this can give you an insight into their secrets. Here is what to expect before and during courtship with a Saudi girl.

Bring gifts to the family

As archaic as it may seem, when dating a Saudi Arabian woman, you must get her family to endorse your relationship. The easiest way to do this is to prove that you are a responsible man and bring gifts for the family.

There are so many gift ideas that you can explore for her family members. Even when using a mail order bride service, some of the gifts you send her should go to her family members.

Don’t be aggressive

Saudi women are soft-spoken, shy, and quiet and would want a relationship devoid of aggression. They scare easily, so you must be gentle and soft-spoken as well. They will run off if you show even the slightest aggression.

Don’t be disrespectful of their culture

Cultural appreciation is a huge deal for women in the Middle East. Therefore, before you start a relationship with a local female, you must learn about her culture to avoid making mistakes. Don’t encourage public displays of affection before marrying her. Even holding her hand in public when you are not married is wrong, and trying to do so will show her that you did not bother to learn about her culture.

Do not talk about sex so flippantly

Reduce the way you talk about sex when dating Saudi Arabian women. Those women grow up with strong religious beliefs around purity and often stick to those beliefs. One of those beliefs prohibits women from having sex-based conversations with men who are not married to them.

No matter how sexually appealing you find an Arabian girl, refrain from using explicit words when talking with her. If you insist on basing most of your conversations around sex, you will only irritate her. Eventually, she will stay away from you. There will be enough time for pillow talk when you get married, so be patient.


Do Saudi Arabian women love sex?

Saudi women grow up avoiding sexual conversations. When you marry them, you will likely get a naive girl you need to teach about sex. However, once you have unlocked that aspect of their life, there is a big chance that they will come to love sex very much.

Do Saudi Arabian girls love foreign men?

Saudi Arabian women do not like their men. They have been in protection all their lives and constantly seek an escape. Foreign men are their attempt at escaping the arranged marriages that happen between them and their men. Besides, they also think that men from the US are very handsome.

Is it easy to marry a Saudi Arabian woman?

Dating a Saudi Arabian girl should only lead to marriage according to their culture. They do not have a lot of restrictions on marriage, and the rest is easy as soon as you get them to your location. So once you start dating them, marrying them should come easy.

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