Why Laotian Women are so Joyful and How to Create a Strong Connection With Them

Laotian women

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If you want peace, tranquility, and order to reign in your family, take a closer look at Lao girls. They are the embodiment of all those virtues that men secretly dream of. Don’t hesitate to date a beauty from this country.

What Are Laotian Women Like?

Lao chicks have exotic oriental beauty, pleasant facial features, and a positive disposition. Each Lao girl has her own unique style and character, but there are certain traits that are common to most of them.

They love to be stylish

Lao women love to beautify themselves and always look fresh and relevant. They like to wear bright clothes, fashionable accessories, and to style themselves in their own fantastic self images. That is why so many women in Laos look like they came out of a magazine page — and this despite the difficult economic situation in the country.

They are modest

Along with a sense of style, Lao girls and women also value modesty. In the case of Lao fashion, it looks very fetching. In fact, Lao women are very respectful of others and try not to fill the entire spotlight themselves.

They are hard-working

From a young age, Lao girls get used to a lot of work. Both the peculiarities of their culture and the low standards of living in the country force them to do so. Lao beauties understand the value of work and do not mind taking on responsibility. Of course, Lao women would prefer more relaxation, but they won’t avoid the work that needs to be done.

They know how to be happy

Lao girls really appreciate the little things in life and are happy about the smallest details. They accept the ups and downs for what they are, but tend to stay optimistic. The beauties of Laos do not focus on worry, anger, or resentment. Lao girls can draw a good mood from nice weather or the smile of a loved one – they appreciate such things and recognize their value.

They are peaceful

It is unusual for Lao girls to gossip in public about relationships or to get involved in scandals. What’s more, they even avoid household disputes. It is easier for them to avoid communication with a person than to try to prove something to him.

Laotian chicks

Do Laotian Women Make Good Wives?

What kind of wife will a Laotian woman be for you? The answer is obvious: if you want a peaceful and comfortable home in which family is the priority, you should choose a Lao woman. She makes sure that her husband and children are fed and appreciated as though they were at a luxury resort. Who wouldn’t want to come home after a day’s work and relax your mind and body, beside the beauty of a Lao woman? And besides, they are also excellent hostesses – for dinner, you will always get something tasty and spicy.

A Lao wife will dedicate a lot of time and effort to make your family hearth clean and cozy. But the main thing is that Lao women know how to love and be loyal friends. With them, you will feel confident and inspired for the rest of your life.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

You may have asked yourself what type of man could attract a beauty from Laos. Usually, Lao girls look for a reliable, serious partner for a long-term relationship. In other words, they expect courtship to lead to a wedding. Therefore, the partner must be ready to take responsibility for his woman.

Lao girls love kind, cheerful, calm, and positive men. Male strength is not found in brash behavior or sexual capabilities, but in the ability to take responsibility for one’s family. A real defender is strong and honest. You are likely to win women’s love if you show intelligence, a respect for culture, and an interest in people.

meet Laotian women

Where to Meet Laotian Women in Laos?

Lao girls love to get together with one another to chat. It is rare to meet them alone. But a large group should not discourage you from saying hi; Lao chicks are friendly and happy to talk with tourists. Where might you search for cute and sincere beauties?

In Vientiane

This is the capital, cultural hub, and business center of Laos. Life is always bustling here and many beautiful Lao girls are not shy about displaying their charms to the world. Why not get to know one of them? After all, they often hope that a handsome foreigner will pay attention to them.

Cafe in Vientiane: Senglao Café, Café Vanille 3, Cafe Ango.

Temples in Vientiane: Wat Sisaket temple, Wat Si Muang temple, Wat That Khao.

Park in Vientiane: Chao Anouvong Park, Mekong Riverside Park, Buddha Park

In Luang Prabang

This city is the tourist Mecca of Laos, famous for its numerous Buddhist temples and architectural monuments. Among them are the gilded Wat Siengthong, which was built in the 16th century, and Wat Mai, which previously served as the residence of the head of the Lao Buddhists. You can meet many Lao beauties in these places.

Café in Luang Prabang: Two Little Birds Café, Saffron Coffee, Joma Bakery Café.

Sights in in Luang Prabang: Phu Si Temple Mount, Wat Siengthong, Royal Palace.

In Vang Vieng

While other places are cultural hotspots, this city is the capital of parties. Here you can go to the club or try tubing, the hallmark of Vang Vieng. You hop into a car tire’s inner tube and raft down the relaxing river. In general, this place is sure to leave you with lots of memories, as will the people you meet.

Café in Vang Vieng: Sae Lao Project, Restaurant du Crabe d’Or, Pizza Luka.

Night clubs in Vang Vieng: Viva Pub, Sakura Bar, Smile Beach Bar.

Where to Meet Laotian Women Online?

You don’t have to conquer the jungle to meet a charming Lao girl. You can easily do it without leaving your home. Try registering on a mail-order bride website so you can see a sampling of the seductive girls who live in Laos.

 The advantage of such communication is that you both already know what you need. When you meet a girl in person, you never know if you need to watch out for a jealous boyfriend. If she joined a matchmaking site, you can be sure she’s single and interested in a relationship. Find your match and conquer the world together!

meet Laotian girls

How to Date a Laotian Girl: 4 Tips

How do you make a Lao girl want to become your bride? We will tell you about the first steps that will build a solid foundation for a long-term relationship with a Lao wife.

Kindness will save the world

Be polite and considerate not only to your Lao bride-to-be but also to other people around you. Lao women greatly value acts of kindness and the ability to open up to other people. In no case should you raise your voice or threaten your lady. Lao girls greatly appreciate men’s ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Arrange a date in nature

Lao women love to spend time in nature near picturesque bodies of water and in parks. Brainstorm in advance and then organize a joint trip to an interesting place. Your Lao girl will get a double pleasure: she’ll have fun with someone she finds interesting and she’ll get to see how interested foreigners are in her country.

Offer her to go shopping together

Lao girls usually want to look stylish, but they may lack money for new things. Pick a milestone date — say, after a week of dating — to go pick out a fashionable gift together. The fitting process will bring you very close and put your lover in a great mood. She is certain to be grateful for such a gesture.

Have an outdoor meditation session

Go with your Lao bride to a beautiful place where you can simply sit and do nothing for a while. This contemplation in nature is meditation. The Eastern mentality highly values ​​such pastimes. If she can do it with a loved one, a Lao woman will love that relaxing time even more.


How do I avoid offending Lao people?

In Laos it is not customary to touch each other often. Therefore, be careful with touching when meeting a Lao girl, as well as her relatives and friends. Also, in the first stages of a relationship, you should not insist on intimacy, nor should you display too much physical affection in public.

What are the features of a Lao wedding?

A Lao wedding – the Baci or Sou Khuan ceremony part – ends with the couple going to their room for the first wedding night. An older relative will lead the groom to the room, and then the bride comes afterward. Spouses must bow in the bedroom to show their respect for the space they will share.

Is it okay to kiss on the first date with a Lao girl?

Of course, this depends on the situation. In some cases, a Lao girl will feel comfortable and want to kiss you. But if there are doubts, it is better to postpone the kiss until the next date. A little anticipation never hurts, after all!

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